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What is BER months?

For some, it means the start of cold season. Some, it means the start of months with BER such as September until December. But for most of us, BER months means the start of preparing for something grand, the Christmas Season. We begin to see Christmas lights and colorful parols on the streets, shops are showcasing their Christmas trees and ornaments, and the songs are gradually becoming Christmas carols in different genre.

BER months means Christmas. And Christmas without Christ is just a normal day. That is why we decorate our homes with twinkling cheerful lights, making it feel warm and cozy with mistletoes and hollies, filling our Christmas trees with ornaments, sweets, and gifts in celebration of how the Lord came and dwell among us, because He loves for us.

It is not just a yearly tradition, it is our way of showing gratitude, thankfulness, care, and above all - showing love to all we value in life just like Christ did. Be it in a form of words, gestures, or gifts.


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