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Prepare a Wedding with Hampergiftsph

Weddings are one of the most important occasions in life. And we know how much time and budget are needed to make sure everything flows smoothly and have a great wedding day. Here are some tips we can give you in preparing for your magical moment:

1. Wedding Date

Most the couple chooses a date where they feel the most relevant of something they value like a feast day of their patron saint, a memorable date they had together, etc. But really, don't stress it out. Planning a wedding date should make you feel excited! Just choose whichever feels right. Just make sure you have preferably a year to prepare.

2. Theme & Motif

Visualize what you want your wedding to look like. Does your heart leap with excitement when you imagine your setup in floral, by the beach, glittery, etc.? What will be the color tones? Will it be minimalist or classy? There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest! Write down all ideas and save photos for reference.

3. Wedding Entourage and Sponsors

Choose your bridal squad and your primary & secondary sponsor wisely. Since this is an important moment, it's better to surround yourselves with people who are dear to you and cares for you too. That way, it will add more happy feeling on your wedding day.

4. Budget

With all the ideas you have, it's time to sit down and sort things out with a budget in mind. Do not hesitate to let go of unnecessary things and take hold of what should be included on your wedding day. Always remember, you have 3 choices:

  1. Grand Wedding Set-up

  2. Traditional Wedding Set-up

  3. Intimate Wedding Set-up

Here is the list of things you need to consider:

  • Wedding Dress and Suit

  • Wedding Entourage Dress and Suit

  • Wedding and Reception Venue

  • Food/Catering Service

  • Wedding Coordinator (Highly Suggested)

  • Giveaways

And when it comes to giveaways, Hampergiftph is here to be part of making each moment a memorable one.

We arrange our gifts professionally, creatively, and uniquely with quality items that go with any wedding theme. We assure you that our product is of superior grade and has a good repute for your guests.

Let's Create Memorable Gifts Together! Join us at Toast

Wedding Fair, Hall 4 SMX Convention Center on July 23 to 24, 2022 from 11 AM to 8 PM! We prepared a lot of discounts for you!

Free entrance for those who register now until July 13, 2022. See you there!


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